Now that we have the Molds, we can start producing the Hulls, Decks etc.

                   We are working on listing them on the website, if you have questions or

                   Are interested in a hull – please feel free to contact us:

                   Below are pictures of the delivery of the Burchett Models.

                   Ron Burchett himself made delivery of the Molds, you will notice him in some

                   Of the pictures.


A huge amount of Molds arrived on Monday

Ron Burchett starting to unload

Ron and his son working together

A really nice Tug Mold




Another mold from the collection

Ron handing Don yet another mold

Don inspecting the superb quality

The Deck to go along with the Hull

And More….



And more…..

We would like to thank Ron for making the trip and delivering the collection.

And even More…..